What Is News?


News is information about events that occur in the world and are important to people. It is usually reported in a newspaper or on television or radio. Some people think that News should inform, educate and entertain but most agree that it should at least inform. News should also be accurate and truthful, but it should not be biased and must always be based on fact. It should be presented briefly, clearly and picturesquely so that readers can easily absorb and appreciate it.

Almost anything can be news, but some things are more interesting or significant than others. For example, an insect might be a nuisance to farmers who depend on their crops for food and income, so that may become news. But the same insect might not be a nuisance to people living in different parts of the world where it is not an issue. What is unusual or unexpected often makes news, as does anything that causes fear or anxiety.

People like controversies, so stories about conflicts, arguments, charges and counter-charges are newsworthy. It is also newsworthy if someone famous dies or is involved in any kind of accident or disaster. Prominent persons and their activities are of interest to the public, and people are especially interested when they lose their wealth or face scandals. The fads, fashions and trends of the times are also newsworthy. So too are the social issues such as sex, education, health, hospitals and clinics, food prices and wages, the environment and business.

In addition, people are interested in weather news such as cyclones, bush fires, droughts and floods. The more serious the news, the greater the impact and the wider the audience. This is why it is more important for news organisations to cover major events that have a global effect and to avoid minor or local news which will not appeal to as many people.

News is usually about human beings, their achievements and failings, the way they affect each other and the world around them. This is because most people are interested in other people and what they do. News can also be about non-human events if they are unusual or have a wide impact. It is also important for news to be current; it won’t be relevant if it happened a week ago. This can be achieved by focusing on events that are happening right now or by aiming for breaking news which will have the greatest impact first.